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New Zealand.

Springdale Clinic is a state of the art medical clinic dedicated to making you look younger, smoother, and allowing you to present yourself at your best to the world.

We apply an extensive range of the best and latest procedures and technology - including lasers and without the use of cosmetic surgery - by a trained medical practitioner with over 38 years experience

We are constantly researching and leading the way to offer you the best, proven procedure at every point from the purely visual to significant improvements in discomfort and posture.

Beginning in the mid 1990s to treat varicose veins in a non-surgical way that allowed people to remain mobile, the treatments offered have increased over time to cover a wide range of options.  

Newer techniques for varicose vein treatments including the endovenous laser - inside vein laser - treatment options have been added over time to give the most efficient long term results where this appropriate.

Springdale Clinic is an affiliated provider to Southern Cross for varicose veins treatments where these fit within the parameters that have been set by the Southern Cross Society.  Many other insurers recognise Springdale Clinic for vein treatments.

A number of other treatments we undertake are more cosmetic in nature and are not covered by most major insurers.
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p_1.jpgLaser Vein Treatments
We offer a full range of treatments for veins on the face, legs and body, including large varicose veins
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