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Springdale medical clinic is committed to implementing well-proven and well-researched non-surgical treatments for your benefit.  Our commitment is to offer the best available treatment there is for conditions, with the most comfort and least risk possible for you.

Vein Treatments

Initially beginning with the treatment of varicose and spider leg veins, as other needs were identified, further modalities were added.  These are done mainly with lasers and sclerotherapy injection treatment.

Cellulite And Tissue Treatments

As some people began enjoying the freedom from unsightly leg veins, they remarked on the problems they had with cellulite and general leg shape. Soon after a new machine became available that had shown dramatic results in these areas. In the USA, the FDA had approved the Cellu M6 for the temporary removal of cellulite. We added Endermologie to our clinic. Since then we have upgraded to the latest, fourth generation, machine, the Keymodule i, that is even more versatile and beneficial.

Skin Improvements And Reducing Sweating

From the beginning, a muscle relaxant to improve lines had been used. Over time a dermal filler, and later the medical microdermabrasion machine were added. Creams that will improve the skin have been added as they have been revealed as being useful. The material we use for improving lines has been employed to reduce excessive sweating. Our range of dermal fillers has been increased to give a wider range of action and benefit. We have upgraded to the latest medical microdermabrasion machines to maintain the best quality in treatment.

Laser Work

Since 2002 Springdale has added lasers to its treatment modalities. Initially this was for hair removal. But soon others were added to treat veins that were a problem on the face, body and legs. Then another for treating moles and other pigmented lesions. 

Varicose Vein Laser Treatment

More recently the Venacure 1470nm laser was acquired (to replace our original Diomed 810nm laser when the diode failed) for treating deeper seated leg vein problems was added.

Skin And Tissue Tightening

Additions to the lasers that allow treatment of superficial pigmented problems and also skin tightening for the face, arms, legs and abdomen have proven popular.

Therapeutic Laser For Fluid, Joint And Injury Problems

Another laser that allows treatment of a wide range of conditions from fluid retention, arthritic problems, inflamed areas and injuries has proven exceptionally beneficial to a wide range of patients.

Spine And Muscle Optimisation

Added to this has been the Spine Force Huber machine from the makers of the Endermologie one that can improve power and coordination of the muscles of the back, as well as general muscle chains. It also improves general balance.

Infra-Red Wraps

An infra-red wrap system was added to the Endermologie treatments to enhance its effectiveness. It can also aid weight loss.

The Team

We carefully select our team of enthusiastic, communicative and committed therapists to offer you the best experience possible to achieve the best outcomes for you our guests
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