April 2010

Springdale Newsletter April 2010

I hope you had a happy Easter with all the great weather we have been having. And that you survived the school holidays well!

Winter Coming

With daylight saving having finished we are definitely into autumn and heading for winter. It is getting cooler, especially at night.

Vein Treatment Time!

And that is a great time to do your varicose vein treatment. If anything the support stockings are a benefit on cooler days!

If you have had your assessment and are waiting for this weather then ring Tanya at reception to book the times you would like for your treatments.

What Else Do We Offer?

So often we have heard people say "I didn't know you did that!" For that reason we will let you know what else we have for you to explore at Springdale Clinic.

Face And Other Vein Treatments

Laser treatments can give you fast effective clearance of obvious surface veins. Usually a couple of sessions, often six or so weeks apart is required.

Line And Wrinkle Treatments

Lines in the face especially, but also elsewhere can be treated with several treatments

  • * Dysport® - the British version of Botox® - useful about the eyes and upper face but also in small areas about the mouth and neck
  • * Fillers of various sorts, shorter and longer acting
  • * Laser scanning treatments which stimulate and increase your own natural collagen production.
  • * And platelet rich plasma treatments using a small amount of your own blood to organically improve your tissue texture and health
  • * Tightening of tissues in the face, arms and neck with infrared light with our Titan treatment

Cellulite and Body Shaping Treatments

Our liposculpture massage can help you get rid of stubborn areas fat deposition restoring a younger profile. Your skin can be firmed too.

Surface skin reconditioning with our massage-feeling medical microdermabrasion to produce a more lustrous fresher skin especially for your face.

Hair removal by the Cool Glide laser system for long term hair control.

Removal of appropriate moles and other brown and pigmented spots by laser - usually our Dual Yellow copper bromide one.

Sun damaged skin rejuvenation
by a cream applied to your skin and activated some time later to selectively clear the damaged parts - these lightly scale away over one to three or so weeks depending on the area.

Fluid retention improvement in legs and arms caused by poor lymphatic drainage either inherited or caused by injury or surgery. Our therapeutic laser and massage machine will help this.

High tech treatments with rapid results for muscle, joint and back injuries and especially rapid improvement after surgery.

Improvement in stretch mark appearance - usually best achieved with our Dual Yellow copper bromide laser.

If you would like to make a booking or receive more details phone Tanya at Springdale on 273 2133

Or check out our web-site: http://www.springale.co.nz

Again best wishes to you this autumn.

Mark, Joanne and Tanya
at Springale Clinic

B: (09) 273 2133
F: (09) 273 2443
E: sprc@xtra.co.nz

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