December 2009

Springdale Newsletter December 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Check out our new therapies and our special offer at the end of this newsletter.

To begin with, coming into Christmas now is a good time to think of some simple things to help you look your best for the celebration season.  We have dysport® (the British Botox®) and fillers for lines and wrinkles, medical microdermabrasion for renewing your skin and endermologie for cellulite treatment.

And don't forget our vein treatments by injection or laser depending on your particular problem.

New Therapies:

Related to the above skin improvements for Christmas, we are introducing PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma.  Using small amounts of your own blood taken from your arm and concentrated to obtain a platelet rich fraction this is injected in many small dots to numbed skin causing improvements in texture and fulness.  Platelets are involved in blood clotting.  In groups they attract healing fractions, enzymes and stem cells for tissue repair.

In injuries they can cause rapid healing of the injured part such as tendons and muscles.  Arthritic joints can be improved.  And skin such as lined cheeks, neck and upper chest areas can also be freshened.  Normally three treatments are required.  By using your own cells there is nothing foreign being introduced.  You are effectively stimulating your own healing response to renew tissue.

Injury Repair & Healing
Using low energy laser, the massaging effect of endermologie and the brain rewiring of effects of the Huber Spine Force machine - the large machine that sits in our passage-way we have been treating a large number of conditions from back and neck injuries, strains, limbs after joint replacements and amputations.  They can be used for wound healing, arthritis, for stroke and brain injury recovery etc. 

The spine force machine causes very rapid improvements, too fast for full muscle power improvement.  The improvement would relate to brain rewiring.  New stimulation can result in rapid brain changes to learn new behaviours rapidly.  So recurrent back injuries can be lessened by retraining new patterns of use after the altered pattern that results from the initial injury.

And for this we are currently offering special prices as we build up documented evidence of the benefits of these machines.  If you would like to know more ring Tanya for further information or an appointment.

All our best wishes for the holiday season,
Mark Denekamp and the staff at Springdale Clinic

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