February 2010

Springdale Feb 2010

Welcome to a new decade!

May 2010 be a prosperous and rewarding year for you and
all your family!

We really appreciate the response to our last mailing.
The input and feedback provided is enabling us to serve
you even more effectively in 2010.

As a welcome to 2010 gift from us...

As a welcome to 2010 gift from us we are offering everyone
who books a Dysport or PRP Regen treatment a 30% discount
on ASAP Cleanser and/or Scrub with it for the month of

PRP and Regen – Our Focus on You!

Springdale Clinic is very proud of the time and effort we
put into ensuring the ways we chose to treat our patients
give you the most effective outcome.

As an example of this for Platelet Rich Plasma we use an
especially effective model. There are a variety of
preparation methods available and this creates a
variability in outcome achieved.

At Springdale we choose to use the Regen model. It is
predictably effective, improving the quality of treatment
we give to you.

For those who like the detail this is due to the way the
blood sample is handled. The Regen model requires only
eight minutes centrifuge time. This is as opposed to some
systems which require up to twelve minutes. And this is
due to the special collection tube and separation gel
developed by Regenlab which ensures the active portion is
higher in the active platelets. This means better
selection of the active fraction of the sample, less time
in the Clinic for you and more time to enjoy the benefits
of having come in!

Regen PRP is particularly useful over three sessions, each
a month apart, in renewing skin, reducing wrinkles and
lines. It can be used also in the rapid repair of
injuries like sprains and strains. If you book all three
sessions at the time of your first appointment you can
chose items in our ASAP skincare range at 30% discount.

Regenlab is an independent Swiss biotech company based in
Le Mont-sur-Lausanne. With Swiss dedication and care they
are committed to finding ways to stimulate our own bodies'
stem cells in repair and rejuvenation. We will keep you
updated on any developments in this regard.

Our Focus on Your Effective Rehabilitation

Springdale Clinic is continuing to expand the work we are
doing with our equipment for rapid recovery from injuries
and some illness processes.

As some of you are aware, to enable you to trial the
benefits of the advanced equipment we have, we have been
operating an introductory offer for the last three months.

The introductory trial offer means people can receive a
free assessment and treatments at the rate of $30 a

With the increasing demand and the proven results we are
seeing the assessment will soon be at our regular price
and the treatments will also rise accordingly.

Through the trial we have found people generally require
around six sessions although less may be required. A few
require more.

So if you have or know of people with longstanding or
recurring back problems, strains, sprains, haematomas,
balance and strength problems which are not responding to
other treatments, then ring Tanya and book your free
assessment today. This offer will end at the end of this

Call us at Springdale 273 2133

Again all the best for 2010.

Dr Mark Denekamp, Joanne and Tanya.

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