Treatment Information Leaflets

Here are a collection of information leaflets that may be downloaded for your information. They are all in the pdf format for instant download.  If you do not have the FREE Adobe Reader, then download it from the Adobe Reader link here:

pdf_icon_small.gifSpine Force Information Leaflet 

pdf_icon_small.gifCellulite Treatment Leaflet

pdficon_small.gifSkin Fillers Information Leaflet

pdficon_small.gifDual Yellow Laser Information Leaflet

pdf_icon_small.gifDysport Treatment Information Leaflet - for dynamic face lines and sweating

pdf_icon_small.gifFace Vein Treatment Information Leaflet - by lasers

pdficon_small.gifLaser Hair Removal Information Leaflet - by the comfortale and effective Xeo Cool Glide laser system

pdf_icon_small.gifLift 6 Treatment Information Leaflet - for improving face, neck and breasts

pdficon_small.gifLymphoedema Treatment Leaflet - by the Therapeutic Laser and Endermologie methods & background

pdficon_small.gifMedical Microdermabrasion Information Leaflet - for surface skin reconditioning

pdficon_small.gifPhotodynamic Therapy with Metfix Leaflet - for sun-damaged skin and active acne

pdficon_small.gifVein Treatments By Laser & Sclerotherapy - with Diomed internal laser, Xeo external laser and injections

pdf_icon_small.gifVein Treatment Summary Leaflet - one page summary of what to expect and bring for your treatments

pdf_icon_small.gifPost Vein Treatment Instructions - Summary of wearing stockings, excercise and precautions after sessions

pdf_icon_small.gifTherapeutic Endermologie Leaflet - for muscle, fluid, sports and other applications

pdficon_small.gifTherapeutic Laser Information Leaflet - the "cold laser" treatment of injuries, lympoedema, scars, etc

pdficon_small.gifTitan Treatment Information Leaflet - for tightening face, neck, arm and abdominal skin with infrared light

pdf_icon_small.gifXeo Laser Non-Ablative Resurfacing Leaflet - with Xeo Cool Glide laser for fine lines, pore size  reduction, etc

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