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Here are a number of products we feel are especially beneficial for our customers.  The skin care range we have chosen carefully after a number of trials of different products. These ones we have found the most effective of the many we have tried with no significant problems arising in the many people who have subsequently tried them.
ASAP Skin Care Range
The ASAP range is produced in Australia arising from a clinic in the Gold Coast of Australia that had a large proportion of people with problem skin including acne.  Therefore the formulation was devised with these people in mind.  The high sun exposure rate in this area is also of relevance to our New Zealand climate and associated risks. 

Dr Doug Grose who initiated the product development of the ASAP range has pharmacology training along with many years of treating problem skin patients in the Gold Coast area.

In recent years further product development has been taken over by a range of staff to continue the marked benefits of the range.

You can visit our on-line shop's skin care range in this link.
Face First Skin Care Range
The Face First and Novopro range comes from another clinic located near the Hunter Valley area in New South Wales, Australia. Again we have found these very effective in specific acne and problem skin management especially as night cream applications.

These products can be accessed at our on-line shop in the skin-care range.
Venosan Stockings, Flight Socks And Accessories
Arising for Switzerland where the advanced European treatments for vein problems has arisen the Venosan stocking range exhibit the high quality and range you would expect from this region.

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