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We treat quite a wide range of conditions at Springdale Clinic, utilising non-surgical medical treatments. We began by treating leg vein problems and expanded our services as further clients' needs were identified. 

Vein problems can vary from large varicose veins and their associated problems to spider vein (telangiectasiae) patterns.  Such vein problems can also occur on the face and other parts of the body.


Other problems that have been treated since are lines and wrinkles mainly of the face, but also other areas, sagging skin of the face and body, stretch marks, lip and face contours, skin damaged by sun and acne, pigmented skin lesions, cellulite and body shape problems such as occur after children and weight changes, lymphoedema (retaining of tissue fluid with local swelling), unwanted hair.  We also love to treat musculo-skeletal problems involving the limbs and backs.  

With our resident Australasian trainer, Shelton Bailey, we can improve the symptoms and associated problems of quite a number of people with chronic conditions like auto-immune disorders, fibromyalgia, circulation problems and many other conditions.  These latter treatments are not available anywhere else in New Zealand.

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