Cellulite And Body Shaping Treatments

Endermologie® With The Cellu M6 Integral Unit

Endermologie_Treatment_Table_and_Person_1.jpgCellulite and body shaping treatments are managed at Springdale Clinic by our new Cellu M6 Integral machine, the third to us in a generation of the innovative units produced by the French LPG Systems company. 

As mentioned before up until recently we have used the Endermologie® Keymodule i which has the ability to treat a wide range of cellulite, fat deposition and fluid accumulation problems.

It is also possible to improve areas of individual muscle and muscle group problems.

The Ledbetter Golf Academy has used its function to improve golf driving distances by ten percent.
Initially designed to treat scars associated with burns, the capabilities of these machines have been extended to manage a wider variety of problems. Over 100,000 treatments are now performed every day in 95 countries around the world.

Leading edge technologyCellulite and Body Shaping by our Cellu M6 Integral unit

The company that manufactures the Cellu M6 Integral has persisted in developing leading edge technologies.  Based on a unique treatment head that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to manage different areas of the body, the basic action is from the motorised adjustable speed rollers.

The rollers can rotate in both directions, independently of each other, and at different speeds to produce a wide variety of actions.

These come together to grasp the tissue, constantly adapting to its thickness, rolling and unrolling it, treating it in three dimensions.

The associated suction that lifts the tissue and improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid can be varied through a range of intensities and lengths of action varying from continuous to intermittent of varying lengths. Hence a huge number of variations in treatment can be programmed, individualizing it for each patient’s condition and stage of change.


Smart technology

Built in sensors supply information to the operator on the condition of the tissue. Technology of the future: A large number of special preset programmes is built into the software to handle the variety of conditions and severity encountered. These can also be endlessly varied as necessary to achieve optimal effect.

Cellulite and Body Shaping is mediated through the Cellu M6 Integral HandpieceTreatment is relaxing and pain-free. For aesthetic treatments a special body suit, Endermowear, is worn to allow the machine to glide smoothly and allow access to all the required treatment areas. For most conditions a course of 20 or so thirty-five minute sessions is required.

For cellulite and some lymphatic problems, maintenance at monthly or so intervals will maintain and even improve the benefits gained.

Cellulite and body shaping results occur more rapidly with the new Cellu M6 Integral with recently update training.

Therapeutic Applications
In therapeutic and sports applications only a few session may be required. Many of these do not require the special endermowear garment.  Haematomas, muscle strains etc need to be treated only until resolved. 
Recovery can be sped by adding the PR777 Gallium Arsenide laser and the Spine Force Huber machine.

Accessory Help
Using the Spine Force Huber machine can quickly tone underlying muscle groups to give even better shape-changing results especially in shaping in cellulite and body shaping treatments.
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Trained Operators
The specially trained operators know the various manoeuvres for different areas and problems.  They undergo regular updates in training to have the latest approaches.

Some of the manoeuvres are designed to stimulate the fibroblasts that control the skin’s connective tissue. Others will break down the firm septal walls that bind the skin down to form cellulite.

Still others will mobilise the deeper fat layers controlled by hormonal factors that are difficult to shift with other methods. For smaller areas there are small and specially designed heads.


Associated Treatments

A good diet rich in fruit and vegetables is important as with most areas of the body to achieve general good health of tissues including the skin and the area immediately under it. Plenty of regular fluid helps to keep the circulation generally active and promote the clearance of toxins released.
Exercise helps by toning the underlying muscles and improving the body's lymphatic drainage. If these approaches are followed, results from the Endermologie® treatments are much faster and more impressive.

Gaining weight, or being on hormone treatment, either with an oral contraceptive or HRT, will slow the response.

Spine Force Treatments With Huber
Spine Force Treatments with Huber can be useful. If Endermologie® is being used for well-being, then the improved balance and coordination this machine induces will enhance this.

In body-shaping treatments the better muscle tone and posture will add to the local tissue changes from the Cellu M6 Integral.

For therapeutic applications muscle power can be improved and coordinated, or rebuilt after an initial injury is healed. This reduces the risk of early re-injury. Spine Force programmes are also available for good tissue stretching.

PR777 Gallium Arsenide Laser
The PR777 Gallium Arsenide Laser can speed the resolution of both pain and inflammation from injury sites. A quicker recovery can be expected. With scars there are additive benefits from both technologies to speed improvement.

In treating lymphatic problems, a few sessions on both pieces of equipment gives long term fluid drainage benefits. People who would normally need to wear supportive garments can go without them in daily life for months before the problem builds again.

Then normally a few treatments will result in further months of benefit.  See more>

Wraps can be added to produce an accelerated response for Endermologie. We have experimented with a few systems and feel our new FormoStar infra-red based one works the most efficiently. It gives good results without unnecessary mess. There are no lotions and creams that need to be applied. Light cotton clothing can be worn in the wrap.

With the deep tissue penetration of this infra-red at around 20,000nm wavelength muscle and joint aches improve. Infra-red achieves excellent warming without excessive heat.

Weight loss will occur with regular treatment as long as you follow a sensible eating pattern. Superficial skin circulation is also enhanced. The sessions are normally about 50 minutes long.

Ongoing research principally in France and the USA is documenting the mechanisms by which Endermologie® achieves its effects. In the USA, the Endermologie® machines from the Cellu M6 IP to the Keymodule i and now the Cellu M6 Integral have been recognised by the FDA for the treatment of cellulite.

As noted above, the Ledbetter Golf Academy uses the Endermologie® treatments for improved performance. More sports are employing the equipment in certain countries to improve recovery and performance.

Sports people in training have demonstrated rapid recovery from a maximal work-out session, enabling further training to be undertaken at the same session.


Other Modalities Used Elsewhere

To improve the circulation of the area under the skin, the best method in the past has been a deep tissue massage.

Manual lymphatic drainage, used to reduce fluid building up in the legs and other areas has proved of help. It is a specialised approach and requires a course of training to achieve best results.  From a research point of view, compression garments have the highest level of documented efficacy in treating lymphoedema.

Cellulopoiesis, which is done by passing an electric current between two electrodes inserted in the skin, is supposed to help. There is some debate about its effectiveness. Also some discomfort is obviously associated.

Others have used local injections of various agents at involved points in the body. Known as mesotherapy, there is concern at how these agents affect the body generally.

Carboxytherapy done by pumping carbon dioxide gas under the skin through fine needles has also been claimed to be effective. Again it is invasive.

There have been many different companies attempting to reproduce the endermologie effect. Some copies have had to be withdrawn through copyright infringement. Others have added other functions (such as ultrasound and laser energies and radio-frequency) to their machine in the hope to make them more effective. Due to the patented head of the Cellu M6 Integral and related machines the effect cannot be reproduced. And we have yet to see one of these machines producing really effective changes to match endermologie.

In our experience cellulite and body shaping treatments are readily achieved by the superb mechanism of the Cellu M6 Integral unit operated by trained therapists on motivated people who are sensible in their dietary approach and moderate exercise.


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