Affiliated Provider For Southern Cross

As an affiliated provider with Southern Cross insurance there are some benefits I can offer you, assuming you are a member of Southern Cross.  As long as you are paid up and eligible for varicose veins treatments, this applies to you.

To simplify communication and billing Southern Cross negotiates with certain approved providers to contract for services covered by their expertise.  In doing so it can establish a set price for the service.  By setting the parameters of what conditions they will cover the provider can let you know immediately you are assessed whether you will be covered.

There is no need for extra communication with Southern Cross once you have had your assessment to check whether they will cover your treatment.


At Assessment

Once you make your appointment for your varicose vein assessment my receptionist electronically communicates with Southern Cross to check you will be covered for the initial brief assessment.  All she needs to have to do this is your name, date of birth, Southern Cross membership number and the name of the person the policy is under.

This covers a brief 20 minutes or so initial discussion and viewing of your problem.  Usually it takes a full ultrasound imaging assessment, which takes a further thirty minutes or so, to ensure whether you have the underlying vein problems that meet the insurance cover criteria.  

If there is not such a problem Southern Cross will not cover the imaging assessment part of the consultation.  If this would be a problem you can let me know at the assessment so I can briefly scan to check without extra cost to you.  It could miss something that might allow you to be eligible though.

If you do not meet the criteria, as well as the cost of the ultrasound imaging assessment, any treatment you would chose to do would be at your expense.  I have covered the eligibility criteria as they now stand on another page.


Payment Process

If you do meet the necessary standards, Southern Cross will cover the ultrasound scan and either endovenous laser treatment followed by sclerotherapy or ultrasound guided sclerotherapy.  They also cover the cost of a single compression stocking that needs to worn after treatments for each eligible leg.

Part Payments And Excesses

If you have a part payment arrangement with Southern Cross, whether this be a percentage or an excess, you are responsible to meet this part.  Usually this is done at the time of the assessment and treatment sessions.

Booking Your Treatment

Once you have met the criteria as an eligible provider I can let you know you can book for your treatment immediately after the assessment and ultrasound scanning.  Southern Cross do not allow for the treatment to be done the same day as the treatment.

We communicate electronically with Southern Cross with the date of your treatment which they will approve up to sixty days ahead of the session.

As an eligible provider, if you meet the required criteria, I bill Southern Cross directly for you assessment, ultrasound imaging and the treatment as each is done.  There is no need for you to pay and get reimbursed, or for you to send accounts through.  They will send you confirmation letters that the costs have been paid. 

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