Colour Duplex Ultrasound Imaging

Colour Duplex Ultrasound Imaging Assessment

This is so vital in analysing the venous system of anyone seeking treatment for varicose veins and spider veins.  Even people who appear to have very uncomplicated spider veins, can have underlying, unsuspected vein abnormalities.
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About 25% of apparently simple surface vein problems will have a deeper cause or abnormality.

Previously examiners have used hand-held doppler probes, similar to those used for listening to an unborn baby’s heart, to check for possible deeper problems. However it is very easy to miss abnormalities this way.

It is possible to treat spider veins and await either a new problem developing or a failure of resolution of the veins to reveal those people with underlying abnormalities.

At Springdale we feel it is best to determine the full varicose vein problem and best treatment for your particular condition at the beginning.

Over the years we have had a number of different units.  All equipment wears out over time.  As the image processing part of a duplex ulltrasound is a computer, processing improves every year.  The better the processing unit the better the image quality that can be handled and the faster image frames can be handled.

Philips Ultrasound for colour duplex utrasound imagingOur latest ultrasound is a Philips system specially designed for procedures work such as that by anaesthetists giving nerve blocks and in emergency department situations.  It is providing great quality images that make the initial colour duplex ultrasound imaging assessment much more informative as well as giving extra information in treatments.

Ultrasound - using high frequency sound through specially aligned channels and then analysed by computer programmes - produces soft tissue images. X-Ray will oultine veins, and with newer CT scanning other densities can be revealed.

By using sound the body is not subject to ionising radiation with its attendant risks to body cells and the risk of damaging DNA and other important elements.

It is possible to use ultrasound at a high intensity to cause cellular breakage.  But imaging uses lower intensities and specific frequencies.

The tissues can be imaged at different levels and the machine allows focusing on areas of interest.

Flows within the body can be shown both on black and white, with sound enhancement and graphical display and with colour which is computer-assigned to show differences in direction and rates of flow.

Therefore everyone who wishes to undergo a leg vein treatment will receive an colour duplex ultrasound imaging examination at the initial consultation. It is still possible to get surprises but most will be eliminated.

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