Diomed Laser For EVLT

The Diomed laser is a diode laser initially developed and tested in England producing 810nm wavelength laser light) to specifically treat varicose veins from inside the somewhat deeper damaged draining veins by means of a fibre optic delivery system. In the initial decade of the 2000s it was the most commonly used system for endovenous laser therapy.
Diomed Laser Front View

Diode lasers tend to be very robust. As solid–state systems they tend to run very predictably for years.
How It Works
As the laser light is introduced within the vein by an optical fibre relatively low energies are required to achieve closure of targeted veins below the skin surface. The 810nm light is attracted mainly to the red haemoglobin pigment in the red cell, creating heat energy which heats the vein from the inside out.

Resulting in local vein wall heat injury the body responds with its typical healing reaction.  This causes the opposing walls to scar together to close the poorly working channel down.

Over a year or so a well-treated vein will contract and involute to a minor piece of scar tissue. 

This will control the associated varicose veins, causing them to be less obvious and fill much more slowly.

But ideal treatment will involve specific treatment to these varicose veins as well.  This is usually by sclerotherapy as varicose veins tend to be very winding and tortuous which makes canalisation by the guidewire and canula too difficult.


Safety In Once Only Fibre Use

Each laser fibre can be used at one session only for an individual. A sensor in the system prevents reuse of the same fibre again once the machine is powered down.

This means that only factory tested fibres with predictable energy delivery and sterilised to production levels can be used each time for varicose vein treatment.


Largest Number Of Treatments

Being initially the most widely-used system in the world for varicose veins from the beginning of this type of treatment means Diomed had the largest numbers of results. More people have been treated and more results published than for any similar system.  For more information on Diomed lasers.  Or from a local perspective.

The Technique

The technique has changed a little since the very beginning. Initially the laser energy was pulsed. For quite a few years now it has been activated continuously as it is withdrawn which gives a more even sealing of the vein. And the side effects have reduced to minimal levels.

Appropriate Treatment

The type of vein requiring treatment limits the use of the Diomed laser for EVLT or endovenous laser (as well as other similar lasers) in varicose vein treatments. The vessels need to be of a reasonable diameter and generally non-tortuous.

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