Venacure 1470nm Laser

Venacure 1470nm Laser - a New, Comfortable Standard for EVLT

The Venacure 1470nm laser has become the new standard in Springdale Clinic for treating the larger feeding trunks of varicose veins.  As I mentioned in the section on endovenous laser, our Diomed system developed a fault with the diode that produced the laser energy.  To repair it cost-wise and downtime (even with a loan standby laser) made this option less attractive. 
Venacure 1470nm Laser front view

I opted to buy the supply company's new laser which had become their new standard.  It had some benefits with generally improved comfort and less bruising after the treatment.  It used the same fibre range that we had been using in delivering the energy with the Diomed version.

AngioDynamics had taken over supply of the lasers as well as the fibres  and guide-wires that they supply for many interventional vascular treatments.

The Venacure 1470nm laser is still a diode-based design.  Diodes allow for ready production of laser energy with smaller units.  Being solid state, instead of relying on crystals, tubes, or similar generating chambers makes them much more stable especially in clinic-type situations.

The 1470nm wavelength is at a peak of light absorption by water.  One of the keys of laser design is this selectivity. You can chose your target from a mixture of body and cell parts.  Though there are claims that water in the vein wall is the target, in reality any residual blood in the vein is comprised of a high percentage of water.  This is even closer to the laser tip where the energy is delivered.  Therefore the residual blood, followed by the wall, is probably where the energy is generated.

The light energy delivered through the fibre-optic cable into the centre of the vein is absorbed by water.  In doing so its energy is raised, generating heat.  The local heat scalds or burns the cells of the vein wall stimulating a process of repair.  Ideally this repair causes the vein walls to heal together.
Venacure 1470nm Laser viewed from above
Our experience with the Venacure 1470nm laser has encouraged us that it is a pretty ideal instrument for this work.  Although I work in the one place at Springdale Clinic, it is able to be transported in a special suitcase if this was ever needed.  This could be important if I ever did work overseas with it as some doctors have done for brief times.  Quite apart from this it fits very comfortably in the room we use without cluttering it too much.

Patients' experience with the Venacure 1470nm laser has been very positive.  The ability to have their veins treated over a short time and to return to work the next, or at times same, day appeals to many.  Most have found the post-treatment times very comfortable. 

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