Luscious Legs

Luscious legs.  What is about a good-looking leg that we like so much?  Or rather what is it about a pair of them?  All those high-cut swimsuits, leotards and other gear that emphasise their attributes and draws even more attention to them.
Luscious legs lend unconscious sex appeal - iStock Photo
Obviously it has to do with sex appeal.  As well as our ideas of beauty.  Male and female luscious legs ideals vary a bit.  In similarities between the sexes though a long leg is important. 

Guys suit more muscle development and definition.  Hairs on legs still get by even if relatively hairless chests are now in fashion.  

For women a smooth and gently curving appearance is best.  Accentuated by hairlessness.  The desire for that smooth line is why cellulite drives women mad, even though it affects 95% of them.

Smooth, even-coloured skin is important.  Lumpy varicose veins definitely are not desired.  Likewise, although not raised, finer, darker-coloured, more obvious spider veins are not considered attractive.

Generally firm skin gives that luscious legs look.  Even colour and tone, that reflection of health.  Regular lower impact exercise will keep muscles at peak tone and encourage healthy vein and lymphatic flow.
Luscious Legs Smooth and Long - iStock Photo

From the nineteeth and prior centuries that beautifully turned ankle was a thing of desire.  Luscious legs do not have fluid pooling around the ankle.  Lymphatic problems need to be sorted.

There is a genetic component to that finely turned ankle.  Muscles in the lower leg are composed of muscle tissue and then lengths of flatter tendons

Tendon length is hereditary.  Shorter tendons, with longer muscle bulk above, will have less narrow-shaped ankles.  No amount of liposuction can overcome this shape passed down by our parents.

The ideal look of luscious legs is embedded in our psyche.  Some genetic contributions cannot be undone. 

But problem veins, uneven fat deposits (usually related to famine stores), lymphatic fluid problems and cellulite can be improved.  We can do some things towards attaining that ideal look.


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