Varicose Vein Treatment Costs

Varicose vein treatment costs vary according to the actual total problem your veins show and the method of treatment.  As mentioned before there are a number of insurance providers who will cover costs, although usually not for purely cosmetic considerations.  Details for this have been covered under Southern Cross and other insurance providers.

These provided costs will be subject to review and adjustment in early June 2015.  But they at least give you an idea of current charges and the range it is in.


Assessment Fees

All treatments require an assessment before the appropriate approach can be decided.  At Springdale Clinic I aim to do a full assessment of around an hour.  This includes your history and current problems, checking the visible problems and doing an ultrasound imaging assessment to check for problems which cannot be viewed on the surface.

The current usual charge for this is:
  Assessment and Ultrasound Imaging      $540.00

Southern Cross have a different approach.  They allow for a brief examination followed by ultrasound imaging.  If only one leg fits their criteria then they pay for a single leg ultrasound examination.  With both legs meeting the severity they cover they pay for a both leg ultrasound.  Therefore their charges are as follows:

  Initial Brief Assessment                        $162.00
  Single Leg Ultrasound Imaging              $335.00
  Both Legs Ultrasound Imaging               $540.00

Once the assessment is completed the actual varicose vein treatment costs for your case can be given to you.  These will vary from case to case.  But the underlying charges give you the idea of likely costs.


Compression Stockings Charges

All treatments require compression stockings to be worn for a period of time to aid recovery, improve the outcome and prevent any deep vein thrombosis complications.  There are a range of stockings we use but the two most common and their costs are as below:

  Single Leg Belted Stocking                   $188.00
  Both Legs Belted Stockings                  $376.00
  Single Leg Thigh High Stocking             $125.00
  Both Legs Thigh High Stockings            $250.00

Occasionally some varicose vein problems involve only the lower legs.  In those rare cases a below knee compression stocking can be worn.  The charges for these are as below:

  Single Below Knee Stocking                  $70.00
  Both Legs Below Knee Stocking           $140.00


Endovenous Laser Treatment Costs

As mentioned in the section on endovenous laser, this is the ideal method of treatment for many varicose veins.  There are usually two sessions, one with the endovenous laser followed by one with surface sclerotherapy for the tortuous visible veins.  In this case the charges are usually as below (plus the stocking charges as noted above):

  Single Leg Endovenous Laser Treatment   $4,460.00
  Both Legs Endovenous Laser Treatment    $6,635.00

Some more extensive surface vein problems could entail another surface sclerotherapy treatment. In this case there would be a further charge on top of the above costs as below:

  Single Leg Extra Surface Vein Treatment     $830.00
  Both Legs Extra Surface Vein Treatment   $1,270.00


Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy Costs

In those cases that are appropriate ultrasound guided sclerotherapy can be used for the first treatment session with the second, like that for endovenous laser being a surface sclerotherapy treatment.  As noted in the section on ultrasound guided sclerotherapy there is an increased need for re-treatment of these during follow up checks compared to the endovenous laser approach.

The varicose vein treatment costs utilising ultrasound guided sclerotherapy are as follows (plus the added costs for support stockings as above): 

   Single Leg Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy Treatment  $2,205.00
   Both Legs Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy Treatment   $3,380.00

As with the endovenous laser treatment occasionally some more extensive problems require an extra session of surface sclerotherapy.  In this case, as above, there can be the added cost of:

  Single Leg Extra Surface Vein Treatment     $830.00
  Both Legs Extra Surface Vein Treatment   $1,270.00


Surface Only Veins Sclerotherapy

In a few instances there are no underlying - deeper than the skin surface - vein problems.  Such problems can be managed usually with a couple of sessions of either surface sclerotherapy or, in some, surface vein laser treatments.  

The varicose vein treatment cost for surface only problems are as below (as well as the above costs for support stockings to be worn after the treatment):

  Single Leg Surface Vein Only Treatment   $1,660.00
  Both Legs Surface Vein Only Treatment    $2540.00

In a few marked surface vein problems there could be the need for an additional vein treatment as well.  The costs for this are as below:

  Single Leg Extra Surface Vein Treatment     $830.00
  Both Legs Extra Surface Vein Treatment   $1,270.00


Surface Laser Treatment

With surface veins that are below a certain critical size it is possible to use surface laser treatment usually with our Xeo Cool Glide laser.  Again a minimum of two sessions are required.  The charges for this can vary more than other treatments as surface laser is more time intensive.  

But as a guide, surface vein laser treatment costs are as below (plus the added costs as above of the compression stockings worn after each treatment session):

  Single Leg Surface Vein Laser Treatment   $2,290.00
  Both Legs Surface Vein Laser Treatment    $3,985.00

At times there might be the need for an extra charged session to be added on to this as well.  But overall this gives a good understanding of varicose vein treatment costs as they now stand.



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