Lip Enhancement

Fuller Lips
These have become popular in recent times. Worldwide, through practically all cultures, popular perceptions of beauty for a woman do include full lips.

The edge of the lips and the lines associated with them can be enhanced both to stop lipstick bleeding from fine lines about the lips and to define them better. The body of both upper and lower lip can also be enhanced.

This can be achieved with fillers, some lasers and, to an extent, with medical microdermabrasion.



Microdermabrasion can be focused on the lip edge and body near the lip to stimulate collagen synthesis that will then enhance the lip outline and fulness. Obviously there is a limit to the final result. But in combining it with the other areas of the face, the full effect can be very pleasing.  See more>

Dermal (Skin) Fillers

Dermal or skin fillers in particular hyaluronic acid and polyacrylamide gel with this clinic can be used to bulk up areas. It is usually best to do this gradually, not seeking an excessive change in the volume.

Too much filler can cause the body to react to its presence. Also some variation in volume can occur depending on how much fluid is being taken in and hormonal cycle variations.

Again, as with fine lines, hyaluronic acid has a life - six to twelve months (more the former in lips). But it can continue to be used.

Polyacrylamide stays in the tissues long term. It will need some addition over the years as more natural tissue reduction occurs.  See further information in our treatment section.


Other Fillers

Other Fillers such as collagen (more or less unavailable now) can be used. The time it lasts is about half that of hyaluronic acid. Fat implants are another form used.

Fat tends to be absorbed a fair degree after insertion. Therefore the initial result will look fuller than the final appearance. Because a person's own fat is used there should be no allergic reaction.

Long lasting implants, such as gortex, can be inserted under the skin and left there, creating more permanent effects. As with any foreign material, the body can decide to reject this.


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