Lip Enhancement Treatments

Filler Enhancement

We currently use two main fillers to enhance lip fullness. The other filler, calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse) we use elsewhere seems to cause a lumpy result. Therefore we do not tend to use it for this indication.

The way the lip is filled depends on the result required and the physical structure of the lip. People with a long upper lip that does not reveal much of the red vermillion is often better approached surgically to achieve a decent result, rather than filling it more and more.

We will often use a line of the filler about the edge of the lip. This is appropriate with hyaluronic acid as it can be placed so shallowly. To evert the lip edge and get more vermillion show, instilling the product behind the muscle of the lip, therefore nearer the teeth, produces an excellent result. Usually we would place two thirds of the filler in the upper lip, and extend it more widely, with one third going to the lower lip and tending to be more centrally placed to give as lower lip pout.

But proportions and actual positions can be adjusted to individual faces and requirements.  This way unbalanced lip dimensions can be adjusted to a pleasing symmetry.

At all times we would recommend an injectable anaesthetic to numb the lips, a bit like a dental one. This gives the greatest comfort but also allows us to take our time and get a great result without concerning ourselves about client discomfort.

Hyaluronic Acid
At Springdale we use hyaluronic acid (Restylane) produced from Sweden, which is manufactured from a bacterial process. Its advantage over standard collagen, along with the low risk of allergy, is that in most applications it lasts twice as long. As a newer product it has not been registered yet in New Zealand, although it has been in Australia already.

A less dense form for filling very fine superficial lines has been available for some time. But it seems to break down and disappear very quickly.  A new version that appears more durable has been produced and will be available as this site is updated.

A denser version that is good for lip augmentation and filling deeper folds like the nasolabial one seems to last a little longer than the standard form. Being denser it is not so suitable for the smaller lines.

Polyacrylamide Gel
Used for water purification in some areas of the world and for tissue building effects used in the USSR for breast enhancement, this gel (known as Aquamid) tends to remain unchanged for many years in the tissue. Hence it is a long-term filler.

People need to consider this when using it: would they still want the enhancement many years after they have initially used it? As all our tissues do continue to shrink with time, often some addition to the initial treatment may be needed. But also this shrinking may make long term enhancement stand out. Otherwise it is a very useful filler.

Again it needs to be placed below the skin, meaning it is less useful for fine lines. But folds and treatments such as lip enhancement respond very well to it. It can also be used for enhancing areas such as receding chins, less prominent cheeks, and improving the shape of noses.


Other Forms Of Enhancement

Medical Microdermabrasion
Although this can be used, with some improvement in filling, we would not usually offer this as a first line of approach. But if you are having medical microdermabrasion for other purposes then this is certainly worth considering as part of your treatment. It will usually give a restoration of previous volume lost with sun and time rather than increase the size beyond what it used to be.  See more>
Laser Xeo Cool Glide Genesis
Using the scanning approach of of the Xeo Cool Glide laser in a rapid-fire, low energy, short pulse-width setting will induce new collagen formation. Usually used in treating lines about the face it can likewise cause lips to return to previous size with the natural collagen stimulation. Several sessions, five to seven, usually at monthly intervals, can give some good results.  See more>
Mechanical Means
A novel other non-surgical means is with a lip pump such as can be obtained through the facial magic website of Cynthia Rowland. This lip-fitting pump is used as a vacuum to cause initially an increase of blood and fluid to the lips. But continued regularly it can cause some long-term collagen increase. In this it is like the effects produced with the vacuum in medical microdermabrasion.

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