Sports Performance And Rehabilitation

Top Performance
To achieve peak performance requires a number of skills, some of which, are obviously out of the scope of this web site and even our idea to treat. These are the parts involved with game strategy, specific sports related techniques etc.
Sports Performance and Rehabilitation
But there is an area that can be addressed through a clinic such as Springdale. This is in the area of increased muscle movement, central power and targeted peripheral power and coordination. The ideal would be to establish the right balance of powerful muscle action, with the most accurate coordination to achieve the best motions for the particular sport or activity each person seeks to achieve.

There is a large number of pieces of equipment out there can serve a number of these functions.

What we have found (and is not being utilised generally elsewhere) is equipment that can measure and target especially central muscle functions, but also peripheral groups. The David Ledbetter golf school has employed one of these modalities for years with improvement in drive distance of at least 10%.  There is more we can add to this.

Many injuries can result in some long-term disability. This may be recognised as a limitation in movement, some visible mark, or weakness. Or, at times, it may be manifested only as a tendency to re-injure the same site again.

The commonest area people are aware of this is in back injuries. These have been poorly understood in the past and there has been a limitation in how they can be managed.

Initial treatments aim at speeding recovery from the immediate problem.  Then there have been methods to strengthen areas to prevent re-injury.  These are normally aimed at rebuilding some of the feedback sensation again (as in wobble boards used after ankle sprains and similar joint injuries) and strengthening muscles about the area.

At times surgery is employed for particularly vulnerable areas. Particularly regarding the back there has been a limit to possible options.

Exercises are usually directed to ensure the back is as free in movement as possible to overcome local splinting and spasm and then to strengthen muscles that relate to the whole trunk such as the anterior and lateral abdominal ones and some more widely placed large muscles around the back.

Injections have been used to relieve areas of inflammation where medications and time are not producing adequate results.

Back Injury
A lot of people attend physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths for problems with their backs.  These people have been effective at relieving acute back injuries.  It is possible to re-strengthen the back to prevent early or frequent recurrence of these problems. 

Also for people who find attendance at physiotherapy, chiropractor, osteopath or other back specialist services is not resulting in an improvement for them, this gives another option. 

Back injuries do result in local scars, inflammation and weakness. These can be addressed quite well, beyond the usual treatments, with the PR777 Gallium Arsenide laser, the Cellu M6 Integral Endermologie machine (with or without the infra-red wraps) and the Huber Spine Force machine.

Problems such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome etc have a good range of modalities to improve them. People can still be limited even while on maximal treatments.

The PR777 Gallium Arsenide laser has proven effective in enhancing the benefits of other therapies and even enabling some to be reduced.

In the treatment section we elaborate on our clinic’s use of Endermologie, Spine Force Huber, FormoStar infra-red wraps and the PR777 Gallium Arsenide laser for enhanced sports performance and in recovery from injury.

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