Body Sculpting Enhancements

Body sculpting enhancements especially concern those competing for the ideal body shape.  With all the exercises and special dieting in the world some areas can be resistant to falling into line and supplementing that hard-worked-for look.

Sometimes it is a question of a bulge or two of fat tissue right in the wrong place.  At other times it can be skin that now shows a loose, flabby appearance.

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Targeted Fat Reduction

With all the best fat-reducing diets available there are segments of fatty tissue that can persist.  Usually such areas are those we now understand as famine stores that respond to different body signals from our regular stores. They are there for times of extreme demand and need.

Often they can be located in the lower body about the lower abdomen, sides of the hips, "saddlebag" areas of the thighs, and knees.  At times other areas can also be involved.  But these are the commonest.

By addressing such tough fat deposits, getting them to shift for the long term, the sought for body shape can be achieved.

It is not necessary to go to the lengths of surgery.  A few gentle sessions with massaging action by the Endermologie technique Cellu M6 Integral S machine, in the hands of an experienced technician, can produce shape shifting changes.  Body sculpting enhancements can be achieved above and beyond the effects of your continued training and dietary programme.

As you have the treatments you can continue your regular training programme at whatever intensity best suits your goals and the timing of any competition.


Loose Skin Tightening

Loose skin can be revealed as you seek to achieve that sleek enhanced toned body appearance.  Skin that has been adjusted around a less toned shape does not always bounce obediently back into shape.  

Time, sun exposure, and bigger weight changes can all contribute to this loss of elasticity.  Collagen and elastin fibres in the deeper skin area are reduced and less effective in their action with environmental effects on the cells that produce them.

But these cells are not unchanging in their activity.  It is possible to boost their production of those vital body supporting fibres.

Even while you continue to compete it is possible to work on skin tightening with repetitive gentle massaging sessions with the Endermologie Cellu M6 Integral S machine.  With specific programmes designed to stimulate that deeper skin layer you can see body sculpting enhancements occurring above and beyond your muscle work-outs and special diets.


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