Endermotherapy, the name coined for therapeutic treatments with the LPG Endermologie® equipment, covers a wide range of therapies with this effective mechanical massage apparatus.  These would include sports treatments for muscular injury recovery and fibril stretching, lymphatic treatments, scar tissue softening and remodelling and adhesion release.  
Endermotherapy by Cellu M6 Integral Endermologie machine
Even simple post-exercise treatments would be part of this body of work.  A session immediately after a workout allows for speedy muscle recovery by enhancing venous and lymphatic drainage of the areas that have been worked.  This will speed clearance of waste products like carbon dioxide and lactic acid.  A second exercise session can be undertaken much sooner than normal spontaneous recovery would allow.

As I have mentioned elsewhere golf drives can be improved 10% by an endermotherapy session.  By gently stretching muscle groups, a more supple rotation of the lower back and shoulder area is possible, freeing the swing to naturally flow through a further range.

Athletes and gym aficionados who find certain exercises are limited for them due to past injuries and habits can find rapid improvements in their abilities.  Especially if these are incorporated into normal exercise programmes speedy changes and increased performance is possible.
Endermotherapy part of stored protocol for treatment
Many feel that physiotherapy manual manoeuvres can achieve these same ends.  Our clients have found their endermotherapy sessions to be much more comfortable - there is not the deep thumb pressure workouts into tender muscle groups favoured by physiotherapists - and more rapid in the onset of their effects.

There can be some discomfort during and following a session depending on how vigorously the endermotherapy session is employed.  Clients can give feedback to the therapist on the effects the treatment is having with immediate adjustments made to be more comfortable.  It is not necessary to suffer significant pain to achieve a good outcome.  Pain is a natural feedback signal to prevent tissue injury.  Good results can be achieved with totally painless sessions.

Other complex conditions like fibromyalgia and certain auto-immune diseases managed by a number of different modalities can be improved with relaxing massaging endermotherapy sessions.  By easing tense muscle areas and improving tissue drainage many people find they sleep more deeply and restfully.

Fluid collections of lymphoedema can be gently encouraged to drain at a more rapid rate.  Most clients are aware of the increased fluid drainage at the time and for a significant period after each treatment.  This can be enhanced with therapeutic laser treatments as well.

Endermotherapy can achieve highly reproduceable results repeatedly from the same therapist with the equipment not subject to operator fatigue.  With multiple programable steps sessions can be multiply adjusted according to individual severity and response.

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