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At Springdale Clinic we have a unique range of equipment to enhance top performance in athletes and to speed recovery from injury.  Much research is still going on to determine all the benefits this equipment can give.  But results to date have been extremely encouraging.  There is nothing else quite like this out there.

There are several factors important to sports performance.

Rapid Recovery From Injury

All sports carry a risk of injury whether or not body contact is involved.  And at the elite and top performance levels of sport pushing the boundaries of endurance and body limits will expose people to greater injury risks

Also poor techniques can also add to injuries.

The faster someone can return to the sport's field or arena the better.  Less downtime in team sports means a more unified team, each knowing the others' technique. 

And with professional sports less downtime is cost effective for the sport's body employing them.  And the athlete has more time to train at the highest levels.

With the equipment we have been fortunate to encounter a faster recovery is possible.

Effective Techniques

Ensuring the correct muscle action is employed for each element of an athlete's performance reduces injury risk.  And makes for higher level performance, shaving essential microseconds off performance times. 

More coordinated muscle action will ensure that any force employed is at its most efficient. Again this produces the edge all athletes seek to produce a peak performance.   And muscle action will be more efficient, again reducing injury risks.

Rapid Turnaround From Fatigue

The faster you can recover after a training session the sooner you can do further training.  It is possible to spend more time building up power.

See our information on the Keymodule i Endermologie technique, the Spine Force neurological re-educator, and the Therapeutic Laser

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