Fibromyalgia is one of those illnesses for which there are many proposed treatments, none completely resolving the condition.  There is usually an improvement in the symptoms with people having to live with what is left.  Any additional benefit is usually welcomed.  Shelton has worked with sufferers using the endermologie equipment to achieve significant relief.  
He is not saying it is a cure.  Then again who has that?  There are a number of medications and cognitive therapies all aimed to produce a reduction in the inconvenience of this common and pervasive condition.  Use by individuals varies from person to person.

General Background

Affecting a good percentage of the population (said to be between 2 to 8%) its diagnosis used to be based on a number of tender trigger points.  No longer the case, it is based on widely generalised pain (in all quarters), sleep disturbances and other problems.  
Its association with depression has been long known.  In the past many clinicians were unsure of which came first - the depression or that this resulted because of the condition.  Any long term debilitating problem will affect the way you cope and how your general mood is. 

When considered from a psychiatrist's point of view the mental health elements tend to be felt more significant and therefore considered as a psychological condition. Rheumatologists and others involved in physical and joint problems feel it is more of a musculoskeletal condition with some psychological effects.  Neurologists consider it a more nerve related condition.


Obviously treating the presenting problems is important.  If depression is a significant element then this is best managed.  Improved our mood makes it easier to cope with other problems.  Low doses of anti-depressants also affect how our body perceives nerve-related pain.

With the non-refeshing effects on sleep and general muscular and tissue tenderness, a treatment that can improve the general body condition is helpful.


Endermologie's Benefit

With endermologie and its gentle massaging, stretching effects, areas of tight muscle can be gently relaxed.  Both blood and lymphatic flow improves which helps in general tissue comfort.  Tight tissues can be gently stretched.  The actions can result in better general health of connective tissues.  Although we often feel these tissues are fixed in their nature, along with the rest of the body, they are are in a constant state or remodelling.  By encouraging a more natural relaxed positioning of the tissues a better outcome ensues.

As mentioned Shelton is not talking of a cure.  But people rapidly notice, often after just one session, an improvement in their general comfort.  Sleep patterns can also improve, resulting in additional benefits.

Treatment is in a comfortable position lying down, taking the load off the skeletal structure.  Areas that are too tender for vigorous manoeuvres can be treated with adjusted energies titrated exactly to your own level of comfort.  There is no need to be a martyr to achieve a benefit.  Producing unnecessary pain tends to cause your tissues to tense up, the reverse of what is best to achieve. 



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