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Endermologie® by the Cellu M6 Integral S Machine
As mentioned before, the Endermologie® Cellu M6 Integral S machine has the ability to improve areas of individual muscle and muscle group problems. The Ledbetter Golf Academy has used its function to improve golf drives by ten percent in distance.

Initially designed to treat scars associated with burns, the capabilities of this machine have been extended to manage a wider variety of problems. Over 175,000 treatments are now performed every day in 120 countries around the world.


Leading edge technology

Based on a unique treatment head that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to manage different areas of the body, the basic action is from the motorised adjustable speed rollers. The rollers can rotate in both directions, independently of each other, and at different speeds to produce a wide variety of actions. These come together to grasp the tissue, constantly adapting to its thickness, rolling and unrolling it, treating it in three dimensions.

The associated suction that lifts the tissue and improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid can be varied through a range of intensities and lengths of action varying from continuous to intermittent of varying times. Hence a huge number of variations in treatment can be programmed, individualizing it for each patient’s condition and stage of change.

Smart technology

Built in sensors supply information to the operator on the condition of the tissue. A large number of special preset programmes is built into the software to handle the variety of conditions and severity encountered. These can also be endlessly varied as necessary to achieve optimal effect.


Wherever there is a need to improve muscle function and recovery, local circulation and lymphatic drainage, the Cellu M6 Integral can be employed.  Recovery is often very rapid and generally comfortable compared to usual physical therapy applications of massage.

Haematomas, muscle strains etc need to be treated only until resolved.  Treatment is relaxing and generally pain-free.  Recovery can be sped by adding the PR777 Gallium Arsenide laser and the Spine Force Huber machine

More sports are employing the equipment in certain countries, beyond its native France where for years it has been standard equipment in physiotherapy training and practise, to improve recovery and performance.

Spine Force Treatments by the Huber Machine
Spine Force Treatments with Huber can be extremely useful with rapid results. For therapeutic applications muscle power can be improved and coordinated, or rebuilt after an initial injury is healed. This reduces the risk of early re-injury. Spine Force programmes are also available for good tissue stretching.  In the United States the most common place to find these unique units is with chiropractors, osteopaths and other similar back specialists.


This is not a vibrational trainer. And its aims and benefits are widely different from that technology. Developed by LPG systems and released initially in 2003, the Huber is the only currently available technology to evaluate and strengthen the muscles about the spine. The immediate stimulation in the development of this unique machine was the observation that people who lived in mountainous areas had a lot fewer back problems than those who live in more level regions.

The initial development was a tilting and rotating plate which would effectively throw the subject off balance. Rather like being on a ship, you would rapidly learn balance and increase proprioceptive feedback to maintain joint position and coordination. By adding the handles with pressure sensors it became possible to make the unit even more versatile.


Method Of Action

The idea is to initially determine your own particular level of power. Then, using this as the base, a series of exercises is gone through to determine how balanced in power and coordination you are. The hands can be applied at a wide range of levels which will exert effects at different levels of your spine. The pressure sensors will respond to wherever you apply force and record it.

The platform moves throughout the testing effectively throwing the lower part of your body off balance to ensure any adequate power generated is through the upper body. This gives greater stability and independence of movement. It more accurately gauges local muscle power.

The column which supports the pressure sensitive handles can move up and down throughout a session again creating more variation in the testing pattern thereby isolating the muscle groups tested.

Foot position can also be varied.

Adjustments to the directions of applied force can also be made, whether the same on both sides of the body or application in opposite directions at the same time. This allows for duplication of particular actions which are required for different sports or other activities.

At the end of a testing session a read-out is given detailing actual power achieved and the percentage of time this was achieved in a balanced way. Therefore both the relative balance of power on each side of the body and how coordinated this was is recorded. The aim is to improve on these scores. This tends to be achieved quite rapidly due to the visual feedback from the screen which is available as both a schematic target and a digital power readout for left, right and central areas.

In fact the speed of recovery indicates that rather than a pure muscle treatment therapy the equipment is working at the level of the brain - neurological reprogramming is occurring.  Once patterns are rapidly learned, increased power can be built up.

The difficulty of the programme can be adjusted over three different stages. And there is a free menu as well that allows for programmes outside these ranges. There are also four different programmed sessions requiring force to be applied in different ways which results in improving various muscle chains for a variety of applications.


Diagnostic Use

Spine Force Huber can be used diagnostically to observe movements in the spinal areas as the platform rotates and the subject is leaning forward at varying angles with or without bent knees. Areas that do not move as freely are quickly revealed.


Power can be selectively built up for specific sports and applications. There are ways to use Huber also for improving the range of stretch of various muscle groups. The gently oscillating platform allows this to be achieved in a non-stressed fashion which quickly achieves maximal results. The free menu allows for individualised training for a wide range of sports and problems.


The applications for this novel technology are being rapidly increased. It has been used for many applications already:
  • Improved back power and function
  • Recovery from muscle injury to ensure even return of balanced power
  • Recovery from brain injury (with applications in stroke recovery). The wide range of programmable levels allows for a wide range of initial abilities. With the immediate visual feedback on power application people rapidly improve their function.
  • Improving specific muscle groups and actions to improve performance in specific sports.
  • Improved balance in medical and ageing conditions. 

At the same time, if we encounter particular problem areas from old scars or thigh muscle groups it is possible to employ the Gallium Arsenide PR777 laser or the Endermologie Keymodule i unit. Both of these achieve dramatic and rapid results with minimal to no discomfort.
The PR777 Gallium Arsenide Laser
This combination laser with a 633nm Helium Neon aiming beam, which allows it to be used for some PDT applications, and the higher powered 904nm Gallium Arsenide diode laser is utilised as a therapeutic laser. Composed of a scanning element which can distribute energy over quite a wide area if required as well as hand-held heads that can point treat or treat over a small area in contact, various levels of tissue and areas can be effectively treated. It is capable of being used in a large number of applications. Some of these are detailed below.

Accelerated Wound Healing

Open wounds will heal significantly faster with light irradiation with the Helium Neon 633nm beam. Because wounds are superficial structures they do not need intense deeply penetrating energy. There is no tissue scattering to overcome.


Arthritic pain and disability will show significant improvement in over half of those treated with the PR777. As the joints that require treatment are relatively deep compared to open wounds they need the infra-red Gallium Arsenide 904nm energy. Different frequencies of pulse can be used to achieve various benefits such as pain relief or reduction of inflammation. For large joints deeper in the body the hand-held head is most effective.

Back Injuries

Often these are seen after years of problems and many treatments that have given a variety of benefits. By using different frequencies pain, inflammation and old scar tissue can be treated. If the Spine Force Huber treatment is added to this, then reconditioning can occur and result in a freedom not experienced for years.


Using the laser alone to treat this fluid retention problem can produce quite dramatic effects on its own. This includes those suffering from post-surgical problems such as mastectomy with axillary clearance procedures. Many people notice a lessening of swelling by the next day. This can persist for some days to weeks. If done as a series of about six treatments much longer benefits can be achieved. If combined with the fluid drainage programmes of the Endermologie Keymodule i machine the effects can be even more dramatic and last for longer. People who have had to wear compression garments to control their problem have found they can go for long periods without them. However if they were going on a long flight or were in some other such relatively immobile situation, it would be best to wear the garment for the duration.

Muscular Injuries and Strains

Often a single session can produce dramatic results. At times people feel an immediate benefit after the treatment. This will be greater with repeated sessions. There is a need for caution with the dramatic change as healing and strengthening will need to take place to give fully functional results. Combined treatments with the massaging actions of the Endermologie Keymodule i machine and the Spine Force ones of the Huber will result in faster resolution and long-term benefits.

Photodynamic Therapy

We use this laser as part of our photodynamic therapy. For more details see this section.

Scars and Adhesions

These can lessen dramatically too. The laser causes tissue reorganisation to occur, resulting in a better range of movement and softening of the scar. People with abdominal adhesions following surgery have benefited from the treatment.
PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma - Therapy
This creates accelerated healing of open wound, ligament, tendon and muscle attachment injuries.  A small amount of your own blood is spun down and the platelet rich plasma - PRP - is drawn off into a syringe, mixed with a little calcium chloride and then applied to the open wound or instilled about the injured area.  To see more on how this works see our section on PRP or platelet rich plasma.

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