Rezzatech Technologies

Rezzatech Technologies

Rezzatech technologies are unique to Springdale Clinic. 

Do you want more rapid recovery from an injury?  Are you interested in strengthening old injured areas so you do not re-injure them so easily again.  Do you want an alternative to pills to decrease the pain and stiffness of arthritis?  Do you want to reduce tightness and pain from scars?  Are you wanting to restore your sense of balance?

Then Rezzatech could well be just for you.


An Exciting New Approach

There are a number of great technologies and techniques already out in different parts of the world. They are known by segments of the population.  By combining these we have produced this unique approach to set you free more quickly.


The first step is a reasonably rapid assessment.  Dr Mark Denekamp has been doing all these for those beginning treatment up until recently.  Now with our experienced therapeutic massage person, Shelton Bailey, doing the treatments, he can do the assessments, referring any more complex cases to Dr Denekamp.


The best combination of our equipment in Rezzatech is selected.  A general programme is decided on. 

Then our Rezzatech technicians will supervise your sessions. 



With the massaging endermologie Cellu M6 Integral S Rezzatech machine a more hands-on approach is required.  Areas of stiffness, spasm, congestion, blood and fluid collections can be rapidly and generally painlessly cleared. 


The therapeutic laser will reduce pain and inflammation and remodel scar tissue.  Poor fluid drainage will be improved. 

Rezzatech therapeutic laser is usually applied in a scanning fashion.  At times we use a hand-held auxillary part to drive the effects and subsequent benefits deeper.



The muscle re-education Rezzatech Spine Force platform will retrain your muscles to fire more accurately in a coordinated fashion.  Areas that have been injured and placed out of action by the body can be brought back into function. 

An improved sense of balance can be restored.


Brain Re-Education

This Rezzatech Spine Force platform will teach your brain new patterns to return your body to full function.  In a very few sessions you will see increasing improvements.  This can be continued to whatever level you wish.

Once your brain is organising your muscle, joint and balance functions again, you will find further regular exercise will build up the power required for maximum function.


Short Sessions

Because each session is short it can be readily fitted into busy work and social schedules.  One to three sessions a week will achieve great results.

Further Improvement

Once the intial changes are seen you can elect to continue further sessions to attain maximum function.

Rezzatech technologies is an exciting blend of cutting edge technologies to set you free faster from physical problems that are holding you back.


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