Therapeutic Endermologie Treatment By The Cellu M6 Integral S Machine

Therapeutic endermologie treatment by the Cellu M6 Integral S machine has enhanced the benefits we have been able to offer since our initial use if the Keymodule i version.

It is the third generation of this equipment that we have used at Springdale Clinic.  In response to requests of therapists around the world the manufacturing LPG Systems company has created a stable version of the equipment with excellent stability and minimising parts replacement.

World Use
Used by both the French and Australian rugby teams at the last couple of Rugby World Cups the Keymodule i units have been combined with traditional physiotherapy, as they are in their native France, to produce a speedier recovery from injury.  The Cellu M6 Integral S supercedes this with enhanced functionality and proven methods.

The Ledbetter Golf Academy had used the Keymodule i's function to improve golf drives by ten percent in distance.

Rally drivers, football (soccer) players and cyclists have used it to speed return to their various sports.

The Endermologie® Cellu M6 Integral S machine has the ability to treat a wide range of cellulite, fat deposition and fluid accumulation problems.

It is also possible to improve areas of individual muscle and muscle group problems.


Initially designed to treat scars associated with burns, the capabilities of this machine have been extended to manage a wider variety of problems.

Over 100,000 treatments are now performed every day in 95 countries around the world.


Leading edge technology

Based on a unique treatment head that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes to manage different areas of the body, the basic action is from the motorised adjustable speed rollers.

The rollers can rotate in both directions, independently of each other, and at different speeds to produce a wide variety of actions. They come together to grasp the tissue, constantly adapting to its thickness, rolling and unrolling it, treating it in three dimensions.

The associated suction that lifts the tissue and improves circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid can be varied through a range of intensities and lengths of action varying from continuous to intermittent of varying lengths.

Hence a huge number of variations in treatment can be programmed, individualizing it for each patient’s condition and stage of change.


Smart technology

Built in sensors supply information to the operator on the condition of the tissue.

Technology of the future: A large number of special preset programmes is built into the software to handle the variety of conditions and severity encountered. These can also be endlessly customised as necessary to achieve optimal effect.


Treatment is relaxing and pain-free

The action of the rollers and suction can be adjusted to the depth of the area of focus. By pulsing or continuously applying the suction the tissue effects can be varied.

Most sessions feel like a very gentle massage. It is possible to create strong massaging effects. But with the machine action this is not generally required to achieve a rapid result.

Areas like haematomas tend to clear rapidly initially working on clearing the surrounding reactive tissue congestion.

Sports people in training have demonstrated rapid recovery from a maximal work-out session, enabling further training to be undertaken at the same session.

Lymphatic problems respond in half the time it takes to do a traditional MLD - manual lymphatic drainage - session.



Ongoing research principally in France and the USA is documenting the mechanisms by which Endermologie® achieves its effects.

More sports are employing the equipment in certain countries to improve recovery and performance.

At Springdale we are documenting therapeutic results to add to the objective benefits of this technology.

Therapeutic Endermologie treatment by the Cellu M6 Integral S machine promises even more rapid return from injury and adverse body processes.


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