Therapeutic Laser Treatment

There are a number of lasers that have been employed for therapeutic laser treatment. Different ones will have different effects. Both the wavelength - the colour of the laser light - and the power are important. So too is the way the laser is administered - continuously or pulsed. And if pulsed, at what frequency.

The PR777 Gallium Arsenide Laser

This combination laser with a 633nm (red) Helium Neon aiming beam and the higher powered 904nm (infra-red) Gallium Arsenide diode laser is utilised as a therapeutic laser.

Composed of a scanning element which can distribute energy over quite a wide area if required as well as hand-held heads that can point treat or treat over a small area in contact, various levels of tissue and areas can be effectively treated.
It is capable of being used in a large number of applications. Some of these are detailed below.  Above is an example of use in Dupuytren's contracture - a thickening and shortening of tissue overlying the tendons supplying especially the ring and little fingers.

Muscular Injuries and Strains
Often a single session can produce dramatic results. At times people feel an immediate benefit after the treatment. This will be greater with repeated sessions.

There is a need for caution with the dramatic change as healing and strengthening will need to take place to give fully functional results.

Combined treatments with the massaging actions of the Endermologie Cellu M6 Integral machine and the Spine Force ones will result in faster resolution and long-term benefits.

Scars and Adhesions
Therapeutic laser treatment of these can reduce them dramatically too. The laser causes tissue reorganisation to occur, resulting in a better range of movement and softening of the scar.

People with abdominal adhesions following surgery have benefited from the treatment.

Accelerated Wound Healing
Open wounds will heal significantly faster with light irradiation with the Helium Neon 633nm beam. This is a red colour similar to checkout laser colour.

Because wounds are superficial structures they do not need intense deeply penetrating energy. There is no tissue scattering to overcome.

Arthritic pain and disability will show significant improvement in over half of those treated with the PR777.

As the joints that require treatment are relatively deep compared to open wounds they need the infra-red Gallium Arsenide 904nm energy. Different frequencies of pulse can be used to achieve various benefits such as pain relief or reduction of inflammation.

For large joints deeper in the body the hand-held head is most effective.

Back Injuries
Often these are seen after years of problems and many treatments that have given a variety of benefits. By using different frequencies of therapeutic laser treatment pain, inflammation and old scar tissue can be treated.

If the Spine Force Huber treatment is added to this, then reconditioning can occur and result in a freedom not experienced for years.

Lymph oedema
Using therapeutic laser treatment alone to manage this fluid retention problem can produce quite dramatic effects. This includes those suffering from post-surgical problems such as mastectomy with axillary clearance procedures.

Many people notice a lessening of swelling by the next day. This can persist for some days to weeks.

If done as a series of about six treatments much longer benefits can be achieved.

If combined with the fluid drainage programmes of the Endermologie Cellu M6 Inetgral machine the effects can be even more dramatic and last for longer.

People who have had to wear compression garments to control their problem have found they can go for long periods without them.

However if they were going on a long flight or were in some other such relatively immobile situation, it would be best to wear the garment for the duration.

Photodynamic Therapy
We use this laser as part of our photodynamic therapy. For more details see this section.

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