Sun Damage

Sun And Age Changes
Particularly the skin of the face, but also the neck, "V" of the chest (décolletage), as well as the backs of the hands is subject to effects from sun exposure and the ravages of time. The skin becomes unevenly coloured, discoloured, drier, lined and coarsened.
Skin Cancers
There are quite serious problems associated with sun exposure, well known to people with the various types of skin cancers, be they melanomas, basal cell or squamous cell carcinomas.
Solar Keratoses
A lesser problem is the dry crusty solar keratosis that occurs in sun exposed skin areas. Although benign, these can be unsightly and may over a long time turn to a skin cancer. They certainly indicate prolonged exposure to the sun. Before this most people notice the aging effect the sun has on the skin.
Lines occur from the loss of elasticity of the skin as well the squinting and other face muscle-induced effects from coping with bright light. The “all year tan” of actinic bronzing is an indication of excess sun exposure.
Fine Blood Vessels
Fine vessels associated with this can occur on the sides of the neck and décolletage and other areas in response to damage and skin thinning.

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