Tissue Laxity

Face Skin Sagging
For all of us, time causes a sagging of the tissues of our bodies. There is less elasticity present in our skin. Our muscles waste away with some hormone effects, but also if we exercise less. Deeper attachments of our tissues also lose their tight, springy holding.

We notice this in our faces especially, where our forehead droops to cause our eyebrows to hang lower over our eyes, our upper eyelids to sag with redundant skin, our cheeks sag, becoming hollow and causing a deep line between our nose and mouth, and our jowls sag, giving us a less distinct jaw-line.

Under the jaw we get double or triple chins. Our neck starts to show multiple lines.

Breasts, Abdomen, Limbs
Other areas of our body become affected too. Women’s and men’s breast areas sag. Our tummy area droops to varying degrees. And our skin about our upper arms, thighs and knees also seems to drape rather helplessly.
Loss Of Muscle Tone
Our lessened exercise routine, along with changes in our hormones, results in less muscle bulk and a lower general muscle tone. Many of us, aware of this, seek to slow the change with sessions at the gym, regular walking, running and cycling and various body-training apparatus machines.
Injuries And Inflammation
Injuries over time also serve to complicate the whole picture. These can cause superficial skin changes. But also deeper muscle and ligament changes as well. Chronically inflamed areas can nag us with background pains. Arthritic changes from active processes and wear and tear can also contribute to problems.

Even with the best exercise routines some areas will not function optimally leaving us open to further injuries and problems. People can become unsteady on their feet and less able to continue normal activities of life as well as they could. This is quite apart from illnesses such as strokes that have sudden effects.


Treatments Used

As noted in the treatment section we employ a number of modalities to help these problems. Endermologie, Cosmecanique, Huber Spine Force, the PR777 Gallium Arsenide laser, the Titan light treatment all have their place in improving the situation. A new Portrait Plasma PSR3 device has also been added.


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