Wrinkles And Lines

Wrinkles and lines, those changes that indicate we are aging, turning into our parents, either just get accepted, or more commonly inspire a search for a cure. 

Cosmetic companies around the world tout their ability to solve, delay or reverse these problems. 

Lines And Their Causes
Lines of the face arise from aging, smoking, sun damage, hormone changes, sleep pressure effects (from sleeping more on one side than the other) and muscle contraction effects.

These can work in combination to create greater problems.

Expression Muscle Lines
The muscle contraction lines about the upper face tend to come on in adult life as we use them more. Or at least we tend to use certain expressions more than others.  Almost reinforcing the saying that we are born with the face we inherit and in later life develop the face we earn.

In observing children you will note that many do not have the frown, worry and lateral eye creases as they talk and laugh that adults have.

The muscles involved in expressions become stronger through repeated use creasing deeper lines as time goes by.

With bright sunlight causing people to close their eyes in varying degrees, these expression muscles can become strongly activated.

Lines About Lips
Fine vertical lines of the upper, and later lower, lip relate to hormonal changes, becoming worse after the menopause.

Smoking tends to accelerate these ones both by the effects of the products of smoking and the pursing of the lips as one inhales.

Folds of the skin
Folds of the skin tend to become more noticeable with time and weight changes.  There is a gradual change in the bony structure of our face from infancy to the older adult.  This creates its own changes.  Fat contour deposits, muscle bulk and supportive tissue planes all change with time.

The most troublesome folds for most people are the nasolabial ones from the sides of the nose to the outside of the mouth. Lesser lines can arise lateral to these.

The jaw line tends to become less defined with time, jowls cause a sagging bulge along the once straight line. 

Under the eyes a hollowness can arise with bagging skin above this.  The upper eyelid area tends to develop a heavy fold above it.  Our eyebrows sag downwards.

With time the general elasticity of the skin decreases allowing greater laxity of the skin that really requires a general tensioning of the skin best achieved with varieties of face-lifts or, in milder cases, some of the new non-surgical skin tightening procedures.

Wrinkles and lines betray us making us look older than we usually feel we are.  There are things we can do to manage them.


There are a number of options mentioned in the treatment section.

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