Face Exercises

Can face exercises freshen and lift the appearance of your face as well as help lines and wrinkles that appear?  For those who are interested and may wish to avoid things like Botox and fillers here is something that could well interest you.  I have tried it, finding it worked very well.

If you search the internet about exercises for the face to improve lines and creases you will come across quite a number of reports and opinions saying they do not work.  Many of these from well-respected authorities.  In their experience this has been the outcome.

Why would that be? 


Facial muscles are different from those in other parts of the body.  The main skeletal muscles (I am not talking about smooth muscles such as you have around the various elements of the gut) attach from one bony point to another, straddling a joint.  Their action is to act to move the joint with a lever action across that joint.

Basis Of Expression

In the face, the muscles which give us the myriad of facial expressions which allow us to communicate so effectively are usually attached to bone at one end only, if they are connected there at all.  The other end connects to the undersurface of the skin.  This allows the facial skin to be pulled back towards the bony attachment changing our facial appearance.  Other muscles in the area create  a balancing action to give the finished result.

Problem Lines - Their Origin

Many problem face lines arise from an overuse of certain muscles with repeated action.  The lack of an equivalent strength opposing action will create the lines.  Those of us in high sun areas notice the sort of creasing that appears about the eyes.  These are often stronger on the driver's side of the car from the more intense sunlight from that side. 

Reducing Lines

To cause a balance of facial muscle activity again then any face exercises would need to strengthen those muscles that have become relatively weak.  More or less the reverse of Botox and Dysport injections which seek to weaken the action of the over strong muscles.

To strengthen these weaker muscles you need to be able to work them against some resistance.  As they are only fixed to the skin at one end, the skin needs to be firmly fixed to create enough force to work against.  This explains why so many exercise systems in the past were unable to create the effects people were seeking.

Cynthia Rowland

Some years ago we were asked to evaluate a system of European face exercises that had been promoted by Cynthia Rowland.  We tried the recommended series and found they were indeed effective.  Later we had some personal coaching from Cynthia which ensured we were doing the exercises most effectively.

The Exercises

These face exercises do work, as long as they are followed as directed.  They begin as two new exercises each week added to the previous ones over a period of nine weeks.  At the end you are doing eighteen exercises a day, taking around ten to maybe fifteen minutes total each day.  But once you have reached the full eighteen face exercises you can do them around once or twice a week to maintain them.   

Like going to the gym to get the body you are wanting it takes some time and discipline.  Once you get there you need to continue some work outs to maintain it.  Just like gym work not everyone is either going to want to go through the process or continue once they start.

To find how to do the full series of face series go to Cynthia Rowland's website where you can see more details and also purchase a DVD of the exercises.

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